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May 2009 - Vitamin E, Selenium and Soy Won't Prevent Prostate Cancer

April 2009 - Annual PSA blood tests might not be necessary for many men

March 2009 - Folic Acid Supplements Raise Prostate Cancer Risk

February 2009 - Men with highest ionized serum calcium 3 times more likely to die, study finds

January 2009 - Men who live alone fall short on prostate screening

December 2008 - Prostate cancer follows the growth of nerves

November 2008 - Statins Lower Blood Marker for Prostate Cancer

October 2008 - Death rate from CaP in the US has decreased

September 2008 - High Lycopene Levels May Protect Against Prostate Cancer

August 2008 - Prostate cancer is the second leading cause of death